When you’re looking for the right equipment for a coin laundry store, it’s not just about performance — it’s about profit. And Maytag® Commercial Laundry equipment delivers both.

Our new Maytag® Commercial Energy AdvantageTM line of washers and dryers is
more efficient to help cut your operating costs.

The value you get from Maytag doesn’t end there. Coin-O-Matic helps with everything from planning the right location and product mix to financing and installation — even retrofitting an existing coin laundry store with Maytag® equipment.

All of our products are built to last with high-quality parts, easy-to-service designs and special coatings that stand up to tough everyday use. Plus, we stand behind our products with the best warranty in the business featuring an Extra-Protection 5-Year Limited Warranty covering all parts. Because your profitability depends on quality equipment and service, depend on Maytag.

Choose the payment-type option that’s right for your operation by selecting the model number that corresponds with the following codes:

PD — Microprocessor Coin-Drop
PR — Microprocessor Debit Card-Ready
PS — Microprocessor Coin- Slide-Ready
CS — Mechanical Coin- Slide-Ready
PC — Microprocessor Coin-Drop

An example of a model number would be MAH21PD

Our new line of
ENERGY ADVANTAGE™ WASHERS AND DRYERS gives you more highefficiency options than ever — including the Maytag® Commercial Energy Advantage™ high-efficiency front-load washers that reduce operating costs, SAVING 50%* OR MORE ON WATER, ENERGY AND SEWER COSTS compared to conventional top-load washers.

Maytag is the MOST PREFERRED NAME IN THE LAUNDRY INDUSTRY — and a leading brand of top-loading washers (maybe because they LAST LONGER than other leading brands of top-loading commercial washers.) Having “Maytag Equipped” on your outdoor sign gives you instant credibility — without paying any franchising fees.

Maytag offers more high-efficiency laundry appliances than any other brand to help you save money and build profits. Plus our EXTRA-PROTECTION 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY covering all parts is the best in the business!

Maytag’s advanced COMPUTERTRAC® controls give you flexibility to set vend prices by day, time, and specific wash and dry settings. They also give your customers MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE with a coin countdown and time remaining display. Plus, you can use a PDA (Pocket Data Assistant) to program the equipment and download machine data for review off-premises.

Most Maytag® Commercial Laundry equipment comes equipped to accept multiple payment options including “ CASHLESS ” DEBIT CARD PAYMENT SYSTEMS — a great choice for coin laundry stores. This payment method provides ADDED SECURITY AND REDUCES VANDALISM because there are never any coins in the machines.

* Based on testing with a 10-pound AHAM load with 30% hot-, 55% warm- and 15% cold-water wash at five turns per day and 365 days per year. Water, gas and sewer costs based on 2000 average U.S. national rates. Individual savings may vary.


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