Hotel and Motel Guest Laundry Room Program

National Hotel and Motel chains and local independent operators all agree that a Coin-O-Matic Guest Laundry Room can be an excellent and sought after amenity for their guests.

In addition to being a potentially excellent profit center, a Coin-O-Matic Guest Laundry Room benefits your whole operation by helping keep guests in-house and patronizing your coffee shop, sundries store, etc. Guests welcome and appreciate the convenience and security of being able to do their own laundry in house.

A coin-operated soap and bleach dispenser can be installed to dispense individual soap and bleach products. Coin-O-Matic will provide a full service agreement, whereby Coin-O-Matic will load, collect and reimburse on a percentage basis or optionally, Coin-O-Matic can provide the establishment with the key to load the product and retain all the profits from the soap dispenser.

Coin-O-Matic will assist with promotional materials and signage to promote guest patronage.

Even if you never thought you had enough room for a guest laundry, please call us for a free survey. We are experts in setting up laundry room installations despite space constraints.

Call us today for more information regarding Coin-O-Maticís Guest Laundry Room Program.


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